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voice(01495) 222234

Fax: (01495) 221010

200 High Street, Blackwood, NP12 1AL

Directions | Category: Business Billing & Collection

51.664029 -3.193332

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2 unfair and unkind 13 January 2012

I found them very abrupt, not at all helpful and to be honest very threatening. Through unemployment I found I had to deal with them, first of all they barged their way into my home, It was arranged I pay every month, and to date I have not missed…
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Visit Date: December 2011
2 late payment 05 December 2011

Unless you keep up with the re-payments, they are fine(sort of speak). I posted a postal order on one occasion which was late arriving to them through the post. Next thing i aware of they were at my door, demanding payment in full or collect goods,…
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1 b and s bailiffs 30 October 2011

christmas is coming for three years running i ave had them call even though i pay weekly and dont miss a week i can put money on it that they will make up some arrears and if a lump sum isnt paid my belongings will be removed its a yearly xmas bonus…
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Visit Date: October 2011
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