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voice(029) 2048 6380

507 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF23 9AD

Directions | Category: Discount Stores

51.497785 -3.141705

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I was overcharged for two radiator keys on 16/01/15, and only realised once I got home (a train journey away). The items were placed close to the till and when asked the woman said that they were 2 for £1. Only once I got home I saw that my receipt…
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1 Returns policy..........joke 04 November 2014

I purchased a console table for my hallway from the Newport rd store but when I took it home it was too wide. We returned the table the same day purchased in the hope of an exchange for a smaller one. firstly we were asked if we had taken it out of…
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1 caerphilly store 16 February 2014

I bought a dog coat in small for a pup, tried it on in car it was too big, when i took it back the rude scottissh asssistant plucked out a hair and with a disgusted face said oh this has been tried on and walked off leaving me stood there for ten…
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