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voice(0845) 604 3719

Charles Street, Cardiff, CF10 2GS | Directions | Category: Employment Services

51.48106 -3.17368

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1 Don t bother 04 April 2014

I went into cardiff job centre today and I quote you look to groomed to be here you must have an income we don t know about (single mother with one child) just to clarify I merely had a bath and washed my hair and dressed any other normal human…
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1 owww dear 20 November 2013

i was just on the phone and the most passive aggressive individual you could meet was on the other end i was only trying to explain that when his car insurance runs out i could get it renewed with a 50% reduction in cost :(

1 cardiff job center 16 September 2013

job center cardiff...i have never been in a pace where the staff are more idiotic than the people hanging around outside. they treat every one as retards. they talk down to people and really think there special. the man who looks like a panda needs…
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