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The Bay Horse

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voice(01325) 312653

South Side, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 7JD

Directions | Category: Restaurants

54.62941 -1.61042

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5   30 August 2014

5 Best meal I have ever had, wonderful!! 22 February 2013

I was up to see my partners family and they wanted to take us out for a nice meal. They took us to one of their local pubs where they told us the food was lovely, when getting there we was presented by a very warm welcome by the staff and the…
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3 wont go again 04 October 2012

arrived when taking order for meals answered phone and started talking to person on phone no sorry, the meals arrived very qiuckly abit to quick to have been cooked for us!when asking about sweets where told to get up to walk to board to look ,what…
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Visit Date: October 2012
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