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Ford Motor Company Ltd

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voice(01277) 253000

Eagle Way Central Office, Brentwood, CM13 3BW

Directions | Category: Financial Advice

51.59884 0.301151

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3 new ford fiasta 02 November 2013

I think the wipers on the new fiasta are to small for the screen I hope you can improve on this by the time I buy my next new car

3 windscreen washers 03 December 2012

I have complained before that the 4th wipe after washing screen is totally unneccessary. It usually smears the screen . If it needs another wipe I can do it myself! This feature should be removed. Does anyone agree?Howard Thomas 01969 640689

Visit Date: December 2012

you have won the sum of 250.000.00 GBP ( Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Pounds). in the last email-lottery draw,organized by FORD NEW YEAR PROMOTION.

Refer to the above matter I have received a mail from Ford Motors Promotoin with following…
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