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28 March 2009

I have been comeing here for years and enjoy it every time,

I have tried lots of different indian restaurants but nothing matches the panahar.Its a class.

Visit Date: March 2009

Panaha Hamsey Green

09 January 2009

First class Indian. Large enough to handle large parties but has small intimate tables as well. Vast menu my work takes me all over England and this restaurant is in my personal top 2, if you can't find what you need Indian wise here I suggest Bangalore. Peter Currell Surrey

Visit Date: September 2008

The best iv had

08 December 2007

I have been all over england and this is the best indian i have found in a long time. The food is out of this world and the price is very good.

I take clients here all the time and they say the same.

Mr G Stanton

Visit Date: December 2007

Great food great aervice

10 October 2012

Amazing !!!

Visit Date: October 2012

Friendly staff and tasteful food

04 September 2008

I have had many a curry,and been to many restaurants but i have never had better quality food or the way you are made to feel welcome whether you dine in or get a takeaway.The service is second to none,and i would recommend panahar to anyone

Mr T.Potter


Visit Date: September 2008

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