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voice(01978) 266017

1 Smithfield Road, Wrexham, LL13 8EN | Directions | Category: Indian Restaurants

53.044689 -2.986203

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1 Poor food and average service 03 March 2012

Well it may be best curry house in Wrexham. The food was very poor, service was average. Lamb tikka was tough very mild and lacked flavour. Chicken jalefreiz only had onions and chillies sauce poured over just cooked chicken, only any taste when with…
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Visit Date: February 2012
1 Miserable waiters 21 December 2008

I would never go to this place again, the waiters were very miserable, not one smile between the whole lot of them, also the time we had to wait for our food was excessive

Visit Date: September 2007
5 Superb 01 December 2008

Best Indian I have ever been to !!!!

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