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Sapporo Teppanyaki

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voice(0151) 708 4963

Fax: (0151) 708 4963

133 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 4JR | Directions | Category: Sushi Restaurants

53.401162 -2.979741

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4 Sack the Jugglers 27 April 2007

Excellent food ruined by the Circus act determined not to let you have it till they've thrown it in the air a few times.

Visit Date: April 2007
5 Food Cooked to Order at your table 30 November 2006

Fantasic dinning experience! This Oriental Teppanyaki has 10-14 people seated at a table with a chief who cooks your meal right in front of you - A great night out for large groups packed with fun entertainment from chiefs pulling off great tricks to…
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Visit Date: September 2006
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