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Lloyds Bank Plc

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voice(0845) 072 5555

38 London Road, Portsmouth, PO2 0LR | Directions | Category: Banks

50.814437 -1.079852

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1 Dreadful is an understatement! 25 April 2012

I don't know what happened to Lloyds TSB,but something not good for sure! I only banked with them because it was the family bank for years..(You know trust and all that out of date idealism that holds no water these days!) Customer service is…
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Visit Date: December 2011
1 Bad, But Cosham is Worse 14 April 2010

Avoid cosham branch of LLoyds TSB. Seriously crazy stalker works there. He needs to come out, and stop reflecting his porblems on everyone else.

Visit Date: April 2010
5 His Beautitude- the Bishop Mark Kersey 11 January 2010

I just

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