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Wet & Dry Cleaning Centre

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voice(0151) 931 2884

94 College Road, Liverpool, L23 0RP

Directions | Category: Laundry Services

53.484812 -3.031146

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1 rudest man ! 04 November 2014

I am shellshocked by the appalling attitude of the owner/manager of this shop. I took a coat and jacket for cleaning last wed and he moaned and groaned about how busy he was with a colleague ill, and how awful his job was etc. I said I would go…
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5 Excellent 26 July 2012

After using other national cleaners who ruined my clothes, I was so so happy to find this cleaners who have always done a perfect job of my dry cleaning. The advice received and the time taken to explain the different processes is second to none. …
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Visit Date: July 2012
1 First and last time I use them. 01 October 2009

After damaging my garment, then bawling at me in the shop in front of staff and other customers after I dared to express my dissatisfaction, I vow never to use ‘The Wet & Dry Cleaning Centre’ again.

From the moment I walked into the shop the…
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Visit Date: September 2009
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