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Travellers Rest

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voice(0191) 236 6300

North Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE13 6LN

Directions | Category: Public Houses

55.048181 -1.62295

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1 sunday lunch at travellers rest 16 September 2008

my family and i went to the travellers rest recently for a meal. we were suprised to be charged up front but then more surprised and furious when the meal didn't arrive until an hour later - after 45 minutes we asked how much longer it would be…
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Visit Date: September 2008
the travs 06 January 2008

Great friendly pub honest good grub. families welcomed. loads of live footie. friendly staff always smiling. Excellent choice of beers and lagers

atmosphere depends if there is footie on the box. Lounge is better than the bar. Covered area for those…
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Visit Date: January 2008
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