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Birmingham Crematorium

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voice(0121) 344 4685

Fax: (0121) 344 4685

389 Walsall Road, Birmingham, B42 2LR

Directions | Category: Cemeteries

52.527803 -1.908036

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1 chapel attendant 02 January 2013

i have to agree with the jobsworth bit

1 Perry Barr Crematorium 24 December 2010

The staff and organist at this crematorium are unpleasant, officious and made my family funerals (two of them) hard to bear.

They are not service minded but jobs worth's.


Visit Date: September 2010
1 How do you justify the 10 year option 16 June 2009

My maternal grandparents have a remembrance plaque at your establishment which has stood for 46 years as have many others. I was extremely upset when I heard from a friend that he had been asked for nearly £400 to renew the 10 year option. This…
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