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Andrews Estate Agents Ltd

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voice(0121) 360 4321

8 Beacon Road, Birmingham, B43 7BP

Directions | Category: Real Estate Agents

52.55334 -1.90941

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2 Terrible 23 November 2007

Andrews estate agents did a poor job of selling our home and when we wanted to change estate agents we could'nt go elsewhere!! They were working for us but instead of listening to what we wanted they just went ahead and did things there way. A…
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Visit Date: November 2007
1 VERY poor service 21 September 2007

I agree with the review below. Avoid these people like the plaque! They have never kept us fully updated and we've had to do all the chasing. Their attitude is indeed hostile and if we had know the stress we would endure because of their lax…
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Visit Date: September 2007
1 Extremely Poor Service 13 April 2007

I found the staff hostile and very pushy. One particular estate agent called Mrs Wood, even swore at me on one occaison. They were very anti me getting me my own independent quotes and wanted to railroad me through the whole transaction. Avoid them…
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Visit Date: August 2006
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